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      No.51, South Gongye Road, Jinan City, Shandong Province, China

      Postal Code: 250101

      Tel.: +86-531-83122094

      Mobile: +86-13589113182

      Fax: +86-531-83122736

      E-mail: zhangc008@126.com

      Contact Person: Mark Zhang

      Stamping Tools

      LittleDuck offers a wide selection of stamping tools for the manufacturing of auto stamping parts. The stamping dies and press tools we supply include drawing dies, flanging dies, punching dies and more. They provide excellent advantages to the manufacturers of automobile stamping parts, including high precision, reliable quality, and low investment cost.

      Dies for Large Size Stamping Parts
      • Side Wall Inner Panel Drawing Die
      • Outside Door Panel Flanging Die
      • Head Cover Inner Panel Drawing Die
      • Beam Drawing + Trimming and Punching + Flanging and Forming Die
      Stamping Part Samples
      • Outside Car Door Panel
      • Inside Car Door Panel
      • Outside Panel of Head Cover
      • Left Section of Engine Hood Panel
      • Front Floor Panel
      • Front Section of Front Longitudinal Beam
      Sample Show
      Inquiry Form