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      No. 51, Gongye Nan Road, Jinan 250101, Shandong Province, China

      Tel.: +86-531-83122508

      Fax: +86-531-83122736

      Mobile: +86-13589113182

      E-mail: zhangc008@126.com

      Contact Person:Mr. Mark Zhang

      Home » Wheel Production Machines and Tooling » Run-out Measuring Machine

      Run-out Measuring Machine

      Our runout tester is designed to measure the lateral and radial runout of rims, used in the automatic steel wheel production line. The lateral and radial runout data of the rim are automatically collected by laser ranging and scanning, then the qualified products are automatically determined and the unqualified products are sorted.

      1. The control system of this rim runout tester can automatically store inspection data. The inspection results are visualized, which is convenient for operators to monitor and analyze.
      2. This run-out detection system is driven by servo drive which can be controlled accurately and the measuring accuracy reaches 0.02mm.

      1. Our runout measurement device is primarily divided into four sections i.e. control system, loading system, testing system and sorting system, consisting of conveying mechanism, clamping mechanism, lifting and rotating mechanism, pressing mechanism, testing device, sorting mechanism etc.
      2. The automatic feeding mechanism of our run-out tester can be connected to the production line to automatically transport the workpiece to the predetermined station. The workpiece is then clamped by the clamping mechanism and transported to the testing area. The jacking mechanism is positioned and aligned, and the workpiece is lifted and pressed by the pressing mechanism, and then the jacking rotating mechanism drives the workpiece to rotate, and the detection device performs online detection.

      Model QMJC-350
      Power Supply AC 380V±10%, 3phase, 50Hz
      Rim Max. Width 290mm
      Rim Max. Diameter 18 inches
      Rim Mini. Diameter 13 inches
      Material of Sealing Element Silica Gel
      Pressure of Compressed Air 0.4~0.6Mpa
      Compressing Force of Oil Cylinder 2×150KN
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