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      No.51, South Gongye Road, Jinan City, Shandong Province, China

      Postal Code: 250101

      Tel.: +86-531-83122094

      Mobile: +86-13589113182

      Fax: +86-531-83122736

      E-mail: zhangc008@126.com

      Contact Person: Mark Zhang

      Home » Wheel Production Machines and Tooling » Horizontal Expanding Machine

      Horizontal Expanding Machine

      In the steel wheel rim manufacturing line, the horizontal expanding machine is placed behind the roll forming machine. It is an important piece of wheel rim machinery for expanding and sizing the rim after the roll forming process. With the use of accurate expanding on this expanding press, the diameter of the formed rims can meet customer’s design requirements.

      Main Features
      1. The hydraulic expanding machine comes with an integral frame structure that guarantees a high strength and machining accuracy.
      2. The expander uses a dual power expanding method, allowing both edges of the rim to be expanded and adjusted.
      3. The main sliding block moves on a linear guide, which ensures the high precision and stable movement.
      4. A mold is fixed on the main sliding block, which can effectively prevent it from going down, which avoids non-standard work pieces.
      5. The molds on the expanding equipment are specially designed for easy disassembly. When changing the molds, they can be lifted out integrally, which saves time.
      6. The expanding mold is made up of 12 pyramids with a bevel guiding, enabling a long service life and a high running precision.
      7. The expanding machine is driven by a hydraulic system, allowing it a stable performance.
      8. An automatic load and unload system is optional.

      Main Technical Parameters of Expanding Machine
      No. Items Parameters
      1 Model KZJ-200X2 KZJ-315X2 KZJ-500X2
      2 Max. width of wheel rim 200mm 300mm 500mm
      3 Max. thickness of wheel rim 4mm 5mm 9mm
      4 Rim diameter range 200~400mm 300~470mm 450~600mm
      5 Force of oil cylinder for quick feed 70KN 110KN 150KN
      6 Force of oil cylinder for expanding 1600KN 2000KN 2500KN
      7 Rated pressure 20MPa 20MPa 20MPa
      8 Installed capacity 22Kw 33Kw 33Kw
      9 Take time 15S 18S 23S
      10 Diameter tolerance 0.3mm 0.5mm 0.5mm
      11 Translational motion accuracy of sliding block 0.015mm 0.015mm 0.015mm
      12 Displacement sensor accuracy 0.01mm 0.01mm 0.01mm
      13 Noise level < 85db < 85db < 85db
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