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      No. 51, Gongye Nan Road, Jinan 250101, Shandong Province, China

      Tel.: +86-531-83122508

      Fax: +86-531-83122736

      Mobile: +86-13589113182

      E-mail: zhangc008@126.com

      Contact Person:Mr. Mark Zhang

      Home » Wheel Production Machines and Tooling » Trimmer, Planisher, End Cutting Machine

      Trimmer, Planisher, End Cutting Machine

      The trimmer, planisher, and end cutting machine is also an essential machine for the production of processing weld joints.

      Functions of Each Unit
      1. The trimmer, also known as the trimming machine, is used to remove weld slag on internal and external surfaces of the weld joint, in order to flatten it.
      2. The weld planisher will planish, and reinforce the weld joint after the weld slag on it has been removed.
      3. The end cutting machine is used to cut off leftover material at both ends of the weld joint.

      Process Pictures for Reference
      • Trimming
      • Planishing
      • End cutting

      Main Features
      1. The wheel manufacturing equipment comes with a single piece design and shares one hydraulic system, which reduces the number of needed operators and saves floor space.
      2. The automatic feeding and discharging mechanism has a 3 process, and 4 location design, which allows for automatic work piece transportation, ensuring high production efficiency.
      3. As optional parts, the automatic feeding and discharging devices feature a split design with the main machine. This makes it easy to change from manual to automatic and vice versa.
      4. The cutter and die on the steel wheel rim machine use an easy dismount design, allowing users to quickly change the die, and changing the production of different wheel rims.

      Main Parameters of Trimmer, Planisher, End Cutting Machine
      No. Item Data
      1 Main machine specification Trimmer BZJ-500B BZJ-600B BZJ-800B
      Planisher GYJ-500G GYJ-600G GYJ-800G
      End cutting machine DQJ-500G DQJ-600G DQJ-800G
      2 Power supply AC 380V/ 3phase/50Hz AC 380V/ 3phase/50Hz AC 380V/ 3phase/50Hz
      3 Rated input power 37KVA 45KVA 55KVA
      4 Max. clamping force for trimming 6Tons 9Tons 12Tons
      5 Max. trimming force 6Tons 9Tons 12Tons
      6 Max. clamping force for planishing 6Tons 9Tons 12Tons
      7 Max. planishing force 6Tons 9Tons 12Tons
      8 Max. cutting force 28Tons 40Tons 53Tons
      9 Diameter of cutting oil cylinder 125mm 200mm 220mm
      10 Pressure of hydraulic system 12Mpa 12MPa 14Mpa
      11 Maximum thickness of rim band 5mm 8mm 13mm
      12 Width range of rim band 220mm ~350mm 300mm ~500mm 450mm ~800mm
      13 Diameter range of rim 280mm ~450mm 400mm ~650mm 600mm ~1000mm

      Related Names
      Trimming Machine | Planishing Machine

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